What can we do for your pet?

At Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic we aim to help you ensure your pet is as healthy as possible by offering a range of services within our practice.

Our staff are enthusiastic, approachable and supportive in ensuring you receive the advice and information you need to have a happy healthy pet.

  • Consultations
  • Dental Disease
  • Neutering
  • Pet Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Prescriptions
  • Senior Pet Clinics
  • Puppy Socialisation Classes
  • Nurse Clinics
  • Parasite Control
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Puppy & Kitten packs
  • Rabbit Care
  • Home Visits
  • Pet Passports
  • Euthanasia


Consultations are by appointment, and there is a consultation charge plus charges for any drugs or treatments that your pet is given, as unfortunately there is no NHS for pets.

We endeavour to keep fees as reasonable as possible and ask you to settle at the time of treatment. We accept cash, cheques with a cheque guarantee card and most major credit cards.

Dental Disease

Dental disease is one of the most common problems with adult and older animals. Decayed teeth and infected gums can trigger kidney and heart disease, not to mention mouth pain for your pet.

Tooth brushing significantly reduces the occurrence and helps keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Kits are available from the surgery and advice on how to start can be obtained from our nurses. Training your pet to accept brushing as part of their routine takes patience and you should always introduce this slowly and reward good behaviour. Make it fun, enjoy the time spent together!

Dental diets are also available; they are formulated to help maintain dental health when brushing isn’t possible. Our veterinary nurses can help you with the ongoing care of your pet’s teeth.

We also recommend rawhide chews, dentastix and the latest dental product - stag bars, which are actual deer antlers - to encourage your pet to chew more, which can also help with dental health.


Unless you plan to breed from your kitten or puppy, spaying or neutering early in life is a responsible decision, not only by addressing the problem of unwanted animals, but also by reducing a number of health problems in the bitch, and hormone-related behaviour problems in the male cat or dog.

Dogs Trust Neutering Scheme:

If you are on a means tested benefit and have 1 of the breeds listed below you may be eligible for a discounted neutering price of £35 threw the Dogs Trust Subsided Neutering Scheme. Please contact either clinic for more information on current eligible benefits.

  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Mastiff
  • Rottweiler
  • American Bulldog
  • Greyhound
  • Lurcher
  • Akita
  • Husky
  • Malamute
  • German Shepherd
  • Samoyed
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Collie
  • Crossbreeds were the primary breed is identifiable as one of those listed will also be eligible

Cats Protection Neutering League:

If you are on a means tested benefit you may be eligible for a discounted rate of £5 for your cat neuter. Please call either clinic for more information.

Pet Microchipping

Even the best loved and well-trained pet can go missing or get lost. The good news is that there is a simple way to ensure your pet can be easily identified wherever he or she goes. A microchip is implanted painlessly under the skin by a vet in the same way as a vaccination, and becomes a permanent means of identification. Since March 2012 it has been a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped.

Cat owners will have to microchip their pet by June 10th, 2024. More info here. A good time to do this is at the time of neutering, as often they are allowed outside for the first time after this operation.


The primary vaccination course consists of 2 injections:

  • At 8 weeks and 10 weeks for puppies
  • At 9 and 12 weeks for kittens

Infectious diseases once killed thousands of pets each year but vaccination has been one of the greatest success stories of veterinary medicine, saving countless lives.

It is worth remembering that many of the pet diseases we vaccinate against are killers. Whereas a child with mumps will almost certainly get better, a non-vaccinated dog that contracts parvovirus or leptospirosis can easily die. Vaccination has dramatically reduced the frequency of most of these diseases but none has been eradicated altogether and all of the diseases covered in routine vaccination are still present in Ireland.

With your puppy's first vaccination course we also recommend a kennel cough vaccination. Kennel cough is rarely life threatening, but it is an extremely contagious and a very unpleasant condition.

We recommend an annual booster vaccination every 12 months for both cats and dogs. Kennel cough vaccination can be given with any dog vaccination.


We aim to provide you with an efficient and safe repeat prescriptions service for pets on long term medication. To help us to achieve this, we would ask you to contact us 24 hours before you require the medication or food. This will allow our vets to check the prescriptions and have it ready for your collection when you arrive at the surgery.

For good clinical care of our patients, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recommends regular check-ups for animals on long term medication. All pets on long term prescriptions have 3-6 monthly check-ups, depending on the condition.

These regular checks allow us to make sure that there are no complications with the medication your pet has been prescribed and to adjust the treatment accordingly.

Flea and worm medicines can be dispensed as long as we have seen your pet at our surgery once. If not, then please arrange to see one of our nurses at a nurse clinic for a free flea/worm check. We can weigh your pet and arrange for the appropriate medicines to be dispensed.

You may also request a prescription from your veterinary surgeon to obtain medicines from another pharmacy.

Senior Pet Clinics

Research over the past few years has shown that the ageing process can affect cats’ and dogs’ health once they reach 8 years of age and their dietary requirements change. The effects of this process can often be subtle, but can be picked up at an early stage; giving you the opportunity to maintain your pet’s quality of life.

Our Senior Pet Clinics allow our Veterinary Nurses to discuss preventative health care for your pet, discuss any concerns you may have and help you keep your pet healthy for longer.

A consultation at the clinic is completely free of charge, and includes a urine test. We hope that you will find this new service very useful. To make an appointment, simply phone the surgery and ask for a “Senior Pet Clinic” appointment with one of our Veterinary Nurses.

Please note that this is a free discussion with one of our Veterinary Nurses on senior pet healthcare, not for any other problems or ongoing conditions.

If you are able to, please could you collect a fresh urine sample and bring that along to the appointment also. Urine sample pots are available to collect free from reception or a dry, clean container will be fine, but not jam or honey jars as these often contain sugar! If the urine sample is collected earlier on in the day, please could you refrigerate the sample until the appointment. If your pet is currently undergoing treatment with the vet, please check with your vet before making your appointment.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

We're delighted to be able to offer Puppy Socialisation Parties hosted by our fantastic vet, Fiona.

One of the best reasons to come along is to allow your puppy to become comfortable at our veterinary clinic and with our staff (who will be very happy to provide treats and cuddles). We want to make this experience as positive as possible, so future appointments are less stressful for both you and your puppy.

Additionally, the socialisation of puppies is a vital part of their education and makes a huge difference in the development of a stable and confident temperament. The period of time up to 12/13 weeks of age is known as the socialisation period, where the puppy’s brain is like a sponge soaking up every new experience. The puppy’s brain develops at such a fast rate it is vital to expose your puppy to and form positive associations with as many everyday things as possible.

Our Puppy Socialisation Parties include:

  • Socialisation/play between puppies
  • Chat about settling into home/family life
  • Chat about separation anxiety, benefits of dog walkers/daycare
  • Chat about preventative treatment
  • Chat about neutering
  • Chat about household hazards
  • Information on basic oral care

These classes are for puppies that are registered at the practice. You can register your puppy here.

For more information or to book your puppy's place in a session, please call the practice directly.

Nurse Clinics

Our trained nursing staff will be happy to help advise you on the administration of worm and flea treatments, along with other medications and shampoos, and we offer free monthly "weigh and worm" nurse healthchecks for puppies until their Adolescent Healthcheck at 6 months of age.

Parasite Control

Roundworms, tapeworms, lungworms & fleas

We recommend that you worm your pet regularly not only to protect your pet but also to prevent potential spread to humans, especially children. At Fenaghy Veterinary clinic we have specific guidelines to ensure your pet remains worm free, and a variety of products so please speak to a member of staff about the correct worming regime for your pet.

We recommend the use of a monthly worm and flea treatment, which also protects your dog from the potentially fatal lungworm parasite, which they can pick up from slugs and snails. Please check out or contact the surgery for further information.

Please see our Pet Health Club for savings on parasite treatments throughout the year.

Nutritional Advice

The first year of your pets' life is very important, and the food you choose to feed will have a direct effect on his or her future growth and development.

At Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic we recommend a high quality complete pet food to ensure your growing kitten or puppy obtains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need.

We have a range of puppy and kitten foods for purchase in the surgery, from Royal Canin & James Well beloved.

Loyalty Cards are available with all Royal Canin Food and also you will receive your food at cost price when you are part of our Pet Health Club.

Puppy & Kitten packs

Puppy Packages

Here at Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic we just love new puppies, and even more we love to treat them. When you bring your new puppy for their 1st appointment in any of our branches they will receive a free puppy pack which is full of information on giving your puppy the best start in life. 

Our puppy packs contain:

  • Educ Low Fat Treats
  • Royal Canin free food voucher
  • Information leaflet on introducing new food to your pup
  • Vaccination, Kennel Cough & Parasite Information
  • Royal Canin nutritional information leaflet
  • Royal Canin essential guide to your puppy book

We offer all new puppies 4 weeks FREE insurance with Petplan and our receptionists will also discuss our Pet Health Club options available for you and your puppy.

Kitten Packages

Kittens are easy to spoil and that exactly what we like to do here at Fenaghy Vets. When you bring your kitten along for their 1st vaccine they will receive a free kitten pack which is full of all the information you need to give your kitten the best start in life.

Our kitten packs contain:

  • Royal Canin free food voucher
  • Royal Canin Nutritional Information booklet
  • Vaccination & Parasite information leaflets
  • Information how to make the vet trip comfortable for your cat

We offer all new kittens 4 weeks FREE insurance with Petplan and our receptionists will also discuss our Pet Health Club options available for your cat.

Rabbit Care

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular as pets, and as with the puppy and kitten, we like to see them from an early age for vaccinations and nutritional advice.

Home Visits

We believe that the best place to perform a pet examination is a modern well-equipped surgery, where trained staff and medication is at hand when required. House calls can result in an unsatisfactory examination and may delay the starting of any necessary treatment.

We do understand, however, that under certain circumstances home visits are appropriate and we will endeavour to provide this service when required. To arrange a home visit, phone the clinic in the morning and a visit will normally be arranged for the afternoon.

Pet Passports

We can prepare your pet for travel to foreign shores with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS for short).

Please visit the government website for more information about taking your pet abroad.


Nobody likes to think about this but, when the time comes, we can provide this service at the surgery or in your pet's own home, and cremation can be arranged. We use a local pet crematorium service: Glenvine Pet Crematorium.

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